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Volume 45, Issue 4 - Dec 2015

A Systemic Deconstruction of the Canadian Tainted Blood Tragedy

Gilles Paquet, Roger A. Perrault

Coached self-organization: a new paradigm

François Jolivet

Frederic Laloux’s Exploration in Governance

Gilles Paquet

Co-creative Learning: Blending Content Media Strategies with Learning and Development

Stephen Gregory

Volume 45, Issue 3 - Sep 2015

Failure to confront

Gilles Paquet

About Henry Mintzberg’s baroque rant

Andrea E. Courtney

Volume 45, Issue 2 - Jul 2015

Governance failure and antigovernment phenomena

Gilles Paquet, Christopher Wilson

Volume 45, Issue 1 - Mar 2015

A cascade of pathologies of governance: the case of the tainted blood tragedy

Gilles Paquet, Roger A. Perrault

The demonization of Stephen Harper

Andrea E. Courtney

Volume 44, Issue 4 - Dec 2014

Determinants of Households Saving and Financing of Assets in Canada: A Balance Sheet Approach

Jean-Marie Gagnon, Denys Gagnon, Nabil Khoury

Illustrations in Public Health of a More Collaborative Public Service

Wayne Foster, Christopher Wilson

Improving maternal and child health in Bolivia:
collaborative-networked governance

Normand Ouellet

Volume 44, Issue 3 - Sep 2014

Competencies: part of the governance vacuum

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

Reimagining governments

Christopher Wilson

The invisible foot and the spirit of corruption

Gilles Paquet

Volume 44, Issue 2 - Jun 2014

Unmasking legal corruption and legal extortion

Robin Higham, Gilles Paquet

The Misery of Neoliberal Governmentality

Guy Stanley

Volume 44, Issue 1 - Mar 2014

Liberalism and Governance: Political Theory Perspective

Guy Stanley

Volume 43, Issue 4 - Dec 2013

Innovation as Redesign

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

The Right to Cultural Distinctiveness

André Burelle, [Preface and translation by] Rod Leggett

The Digital Environment, Collaborative Governance and the Future of Work

John Verdon

GCPEDIA and the Canadian federal government hierarchy

Thom Kearney

Volume 43, Issue 3 - Sep 2013

Moving from leadership to stewardship

Christopher Wilson

The Quebec happiness paradox: narcissism and projective data

Gilles Paquet

Wicked Policy Problems and Social Learning

Gilles Paquet

Volume 43, Issue 2 - Jun 2013

Reflections on the Canadian malaise

Robin Higham, Gilles Paquet

The Governance of Equability

Gilles Paquet

The Governance of the Mount-Royal

Gilles Paquet

Volume 43, Issue 1 - Mar 2013

Toward a new definition of animal health: lessons from the Cohen Commission and the SPS Agreement

Craig Stephen

Governance as a mythbuster

Gilles Paquet

Reverse innovation in policy making: a new frontier?

Viva Dadwal, Shamsuzzoha B. Syed

Volume 42, Issue 4 - Dec 2012

Common Law vs Civil Law: Exploring Selected Implications,

Thomas J. Courchene

The 2008 Crisis through the Detox Prism

Gilles Paquet & Tim Ragan

Volume 42, Issue 3 - Sep 2012

Is Archiving the Act of Sorting? A Governance Perspective

Daniel J. Caron and Richard G. Brown

Volume 42, Issue 2 - Jun 2012

Two Governance Hiccups: the Montfort Affair and the 2012 Quebec Student Protest

Gilles Paquet

Canadian Public Culture

Gary Caldwell

Volume 42, Issue 1 - Mar 2012

Stationary Population as a Policy Vision

Anatole Romaniuk

Volume 41, Issue 4 - Dec 2011

Innovation and Productivity Policies as Inquiring Systems

Ruth Hubbard et/and Gilles Paquet

Positive Deviance and Performance Enhancement in Public Agencies

Mark Wexler

The Voluntary Sector in Public Health

Claude Rocan

The Honduran Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2010-2011)

Michael Kergin

Volume 41, Issue 3 - Sep 2011

Streamlined Regulation of Converging Technologies

Marc Saner et/and Abdallah Daar

A New Business-based Taxonomy of Innovation

Tom Brzustowski

Volume 41, Issue 2 - Jun 2011

Collaborative Co-Governance as Inquiring Systems

Gilles Paquet et/and Christopher Wilson

Asteroid Threat Mitigation Operations

Walther Lichem

Tranquilizing revolution and sociality

Gilles Paquet

Volume 41, Issue 1 - Mar 2011

On Collaboration

Christopher Wilson

Jack Manion and His Concerns About Immigration Policy

Donald A. George, Margret Kopala

Quebec Nationalism in a Surfusion Era

Gilles Paquet

Volume 40, Issue 4 - Dec 2010

The Inquiry Model: lessons from the O’Connor and Iacobucci commissions

Daniel Livermore

Shakespeare: political resonance imaging

Gilles Paquet

Letter from the Editor in chief

Gilles Paquet

The Case for Temporary Help Services

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 40, Issue 3 - Aug 2010

Performance Auditing: Cozy, Comfortable and in Need of Challenge

John Mayne

Volume 40, Issue 2 - Jun 2010

Corporate governance: an X-ray

Gilles Paquet

Volume 39, Issue 4 - Dec 2009

Multi-level collaborative governance: the Canadian Heart Health Initiative

Claude Rocan

Volume 39, Issue 3 - Sep 2009

Letter From the Editor

Gilles Paquet

A short editorial on employment insurance

Don R. Allen and Gilles Paquet

Ombudspersons as producers of governance

Gilles Paquet

Subsidiarity: a tool for the ombuds

Patrick Robardet

Volume 39, Issue 2 - Jun 2009

To experiment or not to experiment–that is the question

Riel Miller

Industrial R&D spending in Canada: model, policy and program delivery

T. A. Brzustowski

Project Governance: Ten Years Later

Gilles Paquet

Volume 39, Issue 1 - Mar 2009

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

The case of Cascadia

Victoria Lennox

Volume 38, Issue 4 - Dec 2008

Allocating Risk among Public and Private Partners:

by Ross Coates, Mary Koyl and John Langford

Governance as stewardship

Gilles Paquet

Volume 38, Issue 3 - Aug 2008

Reasonable accommodation and governance

Gilles Paquet

Volume 38, Issue 2 - May 2008

Spectrum Auctions 101

Richard French

Vitality of linguistic minorities in Canada: two perspectives

Gilles Paquet

Volume 38, Issue 1 - Mar 2008

Service transformation in a citizen-centric world

John Langford

Attention to place to correct policy imbalance

Christopher Wilson

Volume 37, Issue 4 - Dec 2007

The governance of solidarity organizations: an exploratory essay

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

Whose model is realistic, whose unrealistic?

Iain Gow

Letting the cat out of Gow’s bag

Gilles Paquet

Volume 37, Issue 3 - Oct 2007

Intelligent accountability

Gilles Paquet

Volume 37, Issue 2 - Jun 2007

National prosperity and excellence in science and engineering research

T. A. Brzustowski

Administrative contracts and good governance: the case of sickness-disability insurance in Belgium

Thibaut Duvillier

Volume 36, Issue 4 - Dec 2006

Innovation in Canada: learning from the top 100 R&D spenders

T. A. Brzustowski

Volume 36, Issue 3 - Sep 2006

Innovation = invention + commercialization: a systems perspective

T. A. Brzustowski

Moral contract as enabling mechanism

Gilles Paquet

Volume 36, Issue 2 - Jun 2006

Mad Cow Disease in Canada: Where do we go from here?

Alan Wildeman

Communication and ethics: how to scheme virtuously

Pierre Lecours, Gilles Paquet

APEX 2006 two-tracked symposium: a curmudgeon’s commentary

Gilles Paquet

Volume 36, Issue 1 - Mar 2006

Gomery II: fear of blurring and lack of temperantia

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

“Customer” satisfaction and public interest

Daniel J. Caron

Volume 35, Issue 4 - Dec 2005

The RSC as public intellectual

Gilles Paquet

Governance of Diversity: what mechanisms?

Robin Higham

Public-Private Partnerships: the long and tortuous road in Quebec

Benoit A. Aubert, Michel Patry

Burning Questions about Sustainability

Edith Callaghan, Graham Daborn

Transborder Water Governance: Future Challenges

Carolyn Johns

Volume 35, Issue 3 - Sep 2005

An evaluative approach to public policy

Andrea Simpson

Strategic university research: from enabling technologies to problem areas

Cooper H. Langford, Martha Whitney Langford

Volume 35, Issue 2 - Jul 2005

Who’s afraid of asymmetrical federalism?

Douglas Brown

Stem cell research and ethics

Peter Calamai

Toward responsible global governance

Steve Lee

Ottawa/Gatineau: cross-border city-region

Gilles Paquet

Volume 35, Issue 1 - Mar 2005

Betting on mechanisms: the new frontier for federalism

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

The renaissance of Ottawa’s ICT community through joint initiatives

David Large

Volume 34, Issue 4 - Dec 2004

Governance and disconcertation

Gilles Paquet

Volume 34, Issue 3 - Oct 2004

Why is government so difficult (reluctant) to change?

Sheldon Ehrenworth

A people-centred model for health: an open letter to the ministers of health

Vaughan Glover

Volume 34, Issue 2 - Jul 2004

Communities of practice in the federal public service of Canada

Vicky Carpio Tam, Mark N. Wexler, Elicia Maine

Transport Canada’s deliberative democracy experiment

David Taylor

The governance of the magistrature

Gilles Paquet

Volume 34, Issue 1 - Apr 2004

NRC and the seeds of revolutionary change

Jac Van Beek

A plea for corporate citizenship?

Gilles Paquet

Volume 33, Issue 4 - Dec 2003

Citizen relationship management

Evan Diamond, Ron Cooper

Volume 33, Issue 3 - Sep 2003

Governance of education

Gilles Paquet

Volume 33, Issue 2 - Jun 2003

Modern Comptrollership: Getting Set to Roll

Harvey Schachter , Paul Crookall

Volume 33, Issue 1 - Mar 2003

Are there limits to diversity?

Gilles Paquet, Paul Reed

Volume 32, Issue 4 - Dec 2002

Can centralization be decentralized?

Gérard Bélanger

Ecologies of governance and institutional métissage

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

Volume 32, Issue 3 - Oct 2002

Integrating dissent

Kate White

Governance of health: a great stir is needed

Gilles Paquet

Volume 32, Issue 2 - Jun 2002

Federal Regional Councils and Horizontal Governance

Luc Juillet

Governance in organizational crisis

Pierre Duplessis

Volume 32, Issue 1 - Mar 2002

Ottawa Tobacco By-law: A case of transversal leadership

Dr. Robert Cushman

Volume 31, Issue 2 - Dec 2001

Leadership in turbulent times: A series of interviews

Denis Desautels

Smart Communities and the Geo-governance of Social Learning

Gilles Paquet

Volume 31, Issue 1 - Nov 2001

The Capacity Circle Toolkit: "From Vision to Victory..."

Dan Yarymowich

Volume 30, Issue 3 - Apr 2001

The OIR project: an outstanding achievement in vision and cooperation at PWGSC

Roger Painchaud, Erin Blaney

Seattle: the lessons for future governance

Pierre Pettigrew

The Public Service in an age of permeable boundaries: meeting the dual challenge of distinctiveness and openness

Luc Juillet

Assessing modern comptrollership management practices in departments and agencies

Beverley Gooch

Volume 30, Issue 2 - Jun 2000

An overview of the privatization debate

Judy Layne

Criteria of good governance

Ruth Hubbard

Involving NGOs in trade policy negotiations

John M. Curtis

Volume 30, Issue 1 - Mar 2000

Delivery of government services: toward an optimum governance structure

Daniel J. Caron, Pierre Simard

Volume 29, Issue 2 - Jun 1999

Performance: a moving target

Robert Bellehumeur

An artful approach to program evaluation

Judy Layne

Building partnerships: lessons learned

Nicole Charette, Andrew Graham

Innovations in governance in Canada

Gilles Paquet

Volume 29, Issue 1 - Mar 1999

Property rights and governance in Canadian fisheries

Daniel E. Lane

Auditing in a learning environment: The case of the military

Gilles Paquet

Volume 28, Issue 4 - Dec 1998

Managing environmental projects

Louis Gosselin

Volume 28, Issue 3 - Sep 1998

Achieving client-centered R&D organizations

J. André Potworowski

APEX Conference 1998: reflections on the challenges of governance

Pierre de Blois, Gilles Paquet

Volume 28, Issue 2 - Jun 1998

Communication and conflict in organizations: revisiting the basics

Andrew A. Moemeka

The challenge of strategic governance: Can globalization be managed?

Kimon Valaskakis

Volume 28, Issue 1 - Mar 1998

Some thoughts on alternate service delivery

Jim Armstrong

Benefits-driven procurement: a model for public and private sector collaboration

R.G. (Bob) Mornan

The path of partnership

Robert Bellehumeur

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